Free Plans: David Kerzel’s Hit & Miss Engine

David Kerzel has free plans for this beautiful hit & miss engine he designed.  It may look like it’s made from castings but it’s actually made from bar stock.  The cylinder has a .75-inch bore and the flywheels are 3.5-inch in diameter.  The plans also come with some well-written and very helpful construction notes. … Read the rest

Free Plans: Jingle Bell Steam Engine

This is a short 3-minute video by “rbandes1” that shows and explains the operation of the “Jingle Bell Steam Engine” he made.  It was built from free plans provided by Professor Nial McCabe, who teaches Engineering Technology at the County College of Morris in Randolph, NJ.  Professor McCabe has one on display with a main bearing that has become loose from heavy use. … Read the rest

Jan Ridders’ Updated Flame Eater and “Scuderi” 4-stroke Engine Plans

Jan Ridders has updated plans on his web site for two of his favorite engines: a 2-cylinder flame eater and a Scuderi Split Cylinder internal combustion engine.The flame eater was one of the first engines that Jan drew up detailed plans for and one that has received a lot of interest since he first made it eight years ago. … Read the rest