Review: Drill Doctor 750

Drill Doctor model 750This is a review of the Drill Doctor model 750 drill bit sharpener.  Not that long ago the 750 was Drill Doctor’s top of the line model until it was replaced by the 750X, which you can buy new for about $140.  I’ve seen videos of the 750X in operation and although it looks different, I believe it works in the same way, so you may find this review useful if you are thinking about buying the newer model.… Read the rest

Book Review: Machine Shop Essentials

Machine Shop Essentials by Frank Marlow, PE

This is one of the best and most useful books in my library of machine shop and metalworking books. It clearly and concisely describes almost every machine shop tool and procedure, except for computer-controlled tools (CNC).  As a novice machinist, I used it constantly because I kept coming across words, tools, and procedures that I had never heard of.… Read the rest