Free Plans: Jingle Bell Steam Engine

First run of my Jingle Bell steam engine

This is a brief demonstration of the “Jingle Bell Steam Engine” that Nathan Woodruff made.  It’s based on free plans provided by Professor Nial McCabe, who teaches Engineering Technology at the County College of Morris in Randolph, NJ.  Professor McCabe has one on display with a main bearing that has become loose from heavy use.  As a result the flywheel lightly touches the frame when it turns, creating a “Jingle Bell” sound.  That’s how it got its name.

Paul Jorgenson also built one of these engines.  His version is a little bit simpler and he has a very nice set of plans (PDF) for it.  Paul also has lots of photos showing its construction over on the Home Model Engine Machinist forum.

5 thoughts on “Free Plans: Jingle Bell Steam Engine”

  1. I teach a Vocational Machine shop program, we are very low funded. I’m looking for some projects other than the old traditional ball peen hammer ect.Could you help us out; steam engine plans ‘ any thing!! Regards,
    Tony Verga

  2. Just a further note on this engine. I spent a couple of days in the shop (about 10 hours total) and have nearly completed this engine. All that is left is the flywheel and drilling a couple of holes. Unfortunately, my mill died, or I would have a new engine to show. Not bad for a single weekend. Any beginner with some time and patience should be able to make a runner in a single semester of shop time.

  3. very interesting .
    iam interesting on builting one .
    it will serve in the jungle in africa adpting a generator for little lighting and radio.
    nice job

  4. This would not be a very efficient engine for that purpose. It is more of a demonstration model. In order to have a steam engine for power, you should look into larger engines.


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