Wayne Grenning

When the Daimler Chrysler Corporation decided to make a reproduction of its first engine, one that was a pioneer in automobiles and the model for the modern engine, it commissioned three copies.  One was kept at the company’s headquarters, the other went to a collector in Michigan and the third to a museum. Read the rest

Machining trade insight–Nial McCabe

Nial McCabe’s machining workshop at the County College of Morris campus is a good example of where the American economy could be headed in the next decade. After all, as McCabe says, we need to become a society that makes things again.

Most of you probably remember Nial from his steam engine plans that we’ve linked to before, and may also remember that he teaches applied mechanics at County College of Morris in New Jersey.… Read the rest

Jan Ridders’ Updated Flame Eater and “Scuderi” 4-stroke Engine Plans

Jan Ridders has updated plans on his web site for two of his favorite engines: a 2-cylinder flame eater and a Scuderi Split Cylinder internal combustion engine.The flame eater was one of the first engines that Jan drew up detailed plans for and one that has received a lot of interest since he first made it eight years ago. … Read the rest