Retractable pen made from 30-06 bullet casings

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I think this is a cool project and the video may teach you some new machining or fabrication methods even if you don’t want to make a retractable pen out of a couple of empty 30-06 bullet casings.

The pen looks like it’s pretty easy to make.  The hardest part might be getting a couple of bullet casings without spending much.… Read the rest

My First Attempt at Making Machinable Wax

I tried making some machinable wax last night.  It’s supposed to be harder than plain wax and mine wasn’t, or at least not noticeably.  But I believe I can fix it by re-melting it and dissolving more plastic into it.

Machinable wax is made from ordinary paraffin (candle) wax that has HDPE or LDPE plastic added to it to make it harder, more dense and to raise its melting temperature. … Read the rest