Taryl Taught Me How To Fix My Heater

I have an ancient Sears kerosene torpedo heater that was one of the first big workshop investments I ever made.  I bought it back when I was very young and poor, and was often fixing my car in the winter in an unheated garage.

When I tried using it for the first time in about 6 or 7 years I was surprised to find that it ran with the same kerosene that had been in the tank all that time. … Read the rest

The Making of a Soulcraft


Here’s another video I really like because it shows a skilled craftsman doing machining, metal fabrication and welding.  Those are skills that I’m trying to get better at so I’m always interested in seeing how someone with much more experience does it and the tools they use.  This beautifully shot and well edited video has almost no dialog. … Read the rest