My Opinion About Harbor Freight’s Inside Track Club

I no longer have a positive opinion of Harbor Freight Inside Track Club.  Read the comments below to find out why.

I waited a long time before joining the Harbor Freight Inside Track Club because I couldn’t find out if it was worth $30 a year.  Now I think I can answer that question and my short answer is that it is — IF you regularly buy a variety of tools from them. … Read the rest

Good Deal: Free $10 gift card with a Harbor Freight Inside Track Club membership

I stopped at my local Harbor Freight store and learned that for “the rest of the month” you can get a $10 gift card when you join their Inside Track Club, which costs $29.99.  The deal is available both online and in their stores.  You may want to tell your store cashier that you want to join and get the gift card because you may not get it automatically. … Read the rest

Good Deal: Belt Drive Conversion Kit for the Mini-Mill

Mini-Mill Belt Drive Kit has the Ron Steele belt drive conversion kit for the mini-mill on sale for just one week, until Tuesday, September 1, 2009.  It’s $109.95, which is $20 (15%) off the normal price of $129.95.

I’m going to order one.  It is one of the most popular modifications for the X2 mini-mill, I was going to eventually buy it anyways, and I’ve never seen it on sale before.… Read the rest

Good Deal: Starrett Heavy Duty Hacksaw Frame

Starrett Hacksaw Blade FrameHave you heard of the Armstrong Method?  It is what you’re using when you cut metal stock to length with a hacksaw.  It’s the method that I’m stuck with because I don’t have room for a 4×6 bandsaw and even if I did I couldn’t justify the cost.

I’ve managed to break at least a couple of inexpensive hacksaw frames. … Read the rest