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Download: Advanced Gunsmithing Book (PDF)

AdvancedGunsmithing70Here’s a book about gunsmithing that you can download as a 40MB PDF file.  It’s Advanced Gunsmithing by W. F. Vicery and it was published in 1940.

It’s an old book but I think you may still find it useful and interesting, even if you don’t own a gun, because it describes how to use many of the same machine shop tools and techniques that we’re still using today.  I’ve looked at even older books and have been amazed at how little things have changed in the last 100 years, aside from obvious things like the development of carbide cutting tools, EDM and automated (CNC) machines.

3 March 2017: I moved the download link to my Dropbox because the old location has been costing me about $2-3/month for the last seven years.  You don’t need a Dropbox account to download it.  Just click on the link that says “No Thanks Just Download” or something like that. — Rob

Forums and Discussion Groups for Machinists

The problem with being an amateur/home/hobbyist machinist is that you may be self-taught.  There are some good web sites, videos and books that you can learn from, but sooner or later you are probably going to have a question you would like to have answered by someone who (you hope) really knows what they are talking about.   And that is when it helps to belong to some good forums or email discussion groups.

I have learned a lot from the ones I belong to and I would like to recommend a few of them.  Obviously, there are some good groups that I don’t know about.  I would really appreciate it if you would tell me about them in the comments so I consider adding to this list the next time I update it.  I would also like to know what makes them good or unique.

Here we go, in alphabetical order:

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