Free Plans: David Kerzel’s Hit & Miss Engine

David Kerzel has free plans for this beautiful hit & miss engine he designed.  It may look like it’s made from castings but it’s actually made from bar stock.  The cylinder has a .75-inch bore and the flywheels are 3.5-inch in diameter.  The plans also come with some well-written and very helpful construction notes.  You can find the links to download David’s plans and notes near the bottom of this web page.

11 thoughts on “Free Plans: David Kerzel’s Hit & Miss Engine”

  1. I built a power hammer and would like to build an engine to run it. It has a 25 lb. hammer. Please send free plans to build my hit and miss engine.
    Thank you

  2. Peter, visit the link in the post and you’ll find a link to download the plans. You’ll also find building notes and other helpful information.

  3. Awesome!
    Any STL files for 3D-Printing? It would be cool to print one as a model (not to fire).
    Nothing on thingiverse that is any good as of yet, this would be the first.
    Grabcad has some files for solidowrks, but nothing I’ve seen 3D-print ready.
    Just a thought.


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