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Free Plans: Jeroen Jonkman’s “Stirling 60”

Jeroen Jonkman built this Gamma type Stirling engine for his father’s 60th birthday.  He also drew a nice set of plans for it and is very generously sharing them.  You can download them here from MachinistBlog (PDF) or from HMEM if you’re registered there and logged in.  I asked, but Jeroen didn’t tell me much about himself.  But I can tell from the videos he uploaded to his YouTube channel that he’s a skilled machinist and prolific builder of model steam and Stirling engines, many of which are of his own design.  Jeroen is also Dutch and I find it interesting that two other Dutchmen, Jan Ridders and Jos De Vink, have built some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting model Stirling engines.  Jeroen has not produced as many engines as those two but I wouldn’t be surprised if he does someday. Continue reading Free Plans: Jeroen Jonkman’s “Stirling 60”

Simple Coke Can Stirling Engine

This Stirling engine can be built without machine tools or machinist skills.  It uses inexpensive and easy-to-find materials and it looks like it is easy to make.  I wanted to include it for our many visitors who aren’t machinists but who come here looking for plans for Stirling engines they can build.  You can find the instructions for building it on “Scrap to Power”.  You’ll also find some other simple Stirling engines you can make, along with some other interesting projects.

The smallest Stirling engine?

This is a follow-up to my last post about small Stirling engines. This video shows one that might be the world’s smallest.  It was made by Günter Bettinger, who has a web site which shows some of the very beautiful and interesting engines he’s made.   It’s in German, but you can see Google’s English translation of it here.   By the way, Günter is a paraplegic.

A couple of “micro” Stirlings

This is Jan Ridders’ newest Stirling engine.  It’s so small it uses a 1 Euro coin for the flywheel and a couple of 5 Euro cent pieces for the top and bottom plates of the displacer cylinder.   Jan will tell you that he got the idea for building a micro- engine from a Swiss artist who goes by the name “jovallmen” on YouTube.  His engine uses a couple of Swiss 5 centime coins and it may be even smaller than Jan’s.  You can see a video of it here.

As usual, you can get a set of free CAD drawings for this engine by visiting Jan’s web site and requesting a copy.

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