Ryobi Tool Storage Ideas

Adjustable Width Tool Charging Station

My collection of Ryobi One Plus cordless tools keeps growing. While looking for a better way to store them I came across Ryobi Nation, where I found some very good storage ideas, plus lots of ideas and plans for other things to make.

I found many tool storage designs there and many of them hang the tools from slots, usually upside down. Unlike them, this design has adjustable width slots. It’s a little more complicated and also more expensive, because it uses aluminum T-slots, but I think the extra time and cost is probably worth it. It can hold Ryobi tools that most of the other designs can’t, like a Ryobi brad nailer, and a trim router. It also holds most tools upright, not upside down, so that they are easier to grab and use. 

I like that the tool storage rack is separate from the cabinets, because I don’t need those.  I also like his use of French Cleats to mount the tool rack and storage cabinets.  

There are no plans, but Steve Mosley’s design should be easy to reproduce. Besides the backboard, there are just two parts, which you need to make a lot of copies of. My Shapeoko CNC router should be able to make them quickly and easily.

The Kreg Mini Trak he uses seems to be a little pricey, there are some less expensive alternatives available.

Adjustable Width Ryobi Tool Storage

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