Bird Houses and Roost Boxes

My wife and I have been feeding birds for a long time. We started with just one feeder that we didn’t keep filled in the summer because we thought it was unnecessary. Then about five years ago we noticed that there seemed to be far fewer birds than there used to be, even though our neighborhood hasn’t changed much.… Read the rest

Making Workbench Drawers – Update 1

I’ve finished the “carcass” for the drawers that I’m adding to a workbench. The carcass is what holds the drawers and it’s going to slide into the opening in the bench. It’s extremely important that it is made with sides that are perfectly parallel or the drawer slides won’t work well.… Read the rest

I Bought a Dewalt Table Saw

I’m adding drawers to a workbench and the original plan was to cut all the wood with my circular saw, chop saw and CNC router. The carcass I made with those tools came out well, but it would have taken far less time and been much easier to make with a table saw.… Read the rest