Make Your Own Machinable Wax

Make Your Own Machinable Wax

For those of you who aren’t familiar with or don’t want to pay for machinable wax, this article on what it is and how you can easily make your own if you want to make your own should come in handy.

Some things about machinable wax

  • It can be a cheaper and better alternative to metal, making it ideal for when you create your prototypes.
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Video: Centering a 4-jaw chuck

This is probably the best video I’ve ever seen showing how to center a piece of round stock in a 4-jaw lathe chuck.  I am wondering about one thing though.  Some of the commenters on YouTube refer to centering the chuck the “normal” way.  Well, what is the “normal” way?  This is pretty much the way I do it, although I still haven’t gotten around to making a second chuck key yet.