How to Read a Micrometer

Inch-micrometerI want to tell you about an excellent tutorial that will teach you how to read a micrometer and give you some practice so you can be sure you are doing it right.  This is still an important skill even though it seems like everything has a digital readout nowadays.  Although it may seem like an inexpensive 6-inch digital caliper can be used to measure almost everything, especially in a home machine shop, a micrometer is often going to be more accurate and be the best or only tool for the job.… Read the rest

Use Friction Turning to Make Thin Disks and Flywheels on the Lathe

This article describes how I made two round disks on my lathe out of sheet metal that was too thin to be held in a lathe chuck.  I also could not use a mandrel because one of the disks was not going to have a hole drilled through its center.  The two disks were made from .073-inch thick aluminum sheet metal and are about 5-inches in diameter. … Read the rest

MIT TechTV Machine Shop Videos

From one of MIT's TechTV Machine Shop VideosHere is a great resource for new machinists that almost seems like a secret because I have never seen it mentioned on any of the discussion groups or forums I belong to.

In 1995 the director of MIT’s machine shop for the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Robotics Group) made ten videos, totaling more than seven hours, that teach students how to use machine tools. … Read the rest