StickFont – Free software for engraving

StickFont v1.1 is a free Windows program you can use to create single-stroke text for engraving.  It’s very similar to another free program we’ve written about called DeskEngrave.  Both programs will take a line of text and generate the g-code you’ll need to engrave it using a CNC mill, router or similar machine.

Some of StickFont’s features

  • You can engrave text on an angle or around an arc
  • You can mirror text in the X or Y axis
  • You can easily adjust the character spacing and height
  • If you want, you can easily set parameters such as z depth, retract, plunge and feed rate, etc.
  • You can save the output as a DXF file

StickFont can create text using any font installed on your PC.  But working with Windows fonts is not as easy as it is with DeskEngrave because you have to convert them to a “CHR font file” first.  It’s easy, but it’s an extra step.  If you don’t like any of the fonts on your computer then check out the 14 good-looking free fonts you can download from their web site.

I’ve played with StickFont on my laptop but I haven’t been able to try it out because I have a 400-pound jump shear parked in front of my mill while I reorganize my workshop.  If you could try it out and let us all know how well it works I’d appreciate it.  By the way, there’s an older version of StickFont with fewer features floating around the net.

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  1. hi just want some info on desk engrave!I recently reinstalled Linux on my Sherline mill and i am using a different computer to run desk-engrave! cannot get a program that will work at all!any idea what the problem could be!ITS not my mill program no modal or non modal codes are generated by desk engrave. can some one explain what post processor desk engrave uses or how to set check par for Sherline emc2 6.0 version and desk-engrave both disk came from Sherline !they also have cnc lath programs too


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