5 thoughts on “Neil Youngberg “PROFESSIONal””

  1. Great video! That is the embodiment of “work ethic!” How do you instill that in your children? As he said, the more overtly you try to teach it, the more they rebel. It’s almost as if you have to be born with an insatiable curiosity and an immense satisfaction with finding the answers. I don’t know that it can be taught. Exemplary teaching is difficult when parents are all but ignored in the face of all the other distractions kids have. Or maybe some of us have a lack of parental ingenuity. Work ethic is so important whether you make things with your hands or your brain. Stephen Hawking obviously put in a great deal of “work” on his theories of physics. All of our children need a good work ethic to succeed. Too bad we can’t just bequeath it to them!

  2. What a GREAT video. I have been a Tool and Die guy for the last 15 years. I lucked out and got the job in a prototyping shop during college. I got a degree in computer programming but wouldn’t trade being in the shop for being on a computer doing programming. Now days I design and manufacture jigs, fixtures, injection molds and all types of prototypes and that’s the excitement of my job. I make a great living and hope that my kids would like to follow in my footsteps cause it isn’t the job that everyone thinks it is. If you want a job where your using your brain all day this is it. It’s the modern equivelent of old school artists. You can take a piece of billet and make it into anything you want…. modern day sculpture.
    I have several friends who are in their retirement ages that I frequently visit and ask questions about techniques or even to discuss jigs and fixtures that they designed 20-30 years ago and still use in the shop. That has to be some of the more rewarding times I spend in a shop, the work ethic and lessons you can learn from them is invaluable.
    Thanks for this video!


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