Jan Ridders’ Engines

Compilation Jan Ridders engines

Jan Ridders is a talented machinist and prolific designer of model Stirling, flame-eater and internal combustion engines. As you can see from the video he has some good-looking and nice-running designs. You can build them if you want because he generously shares his plans for free. All you have to do is send him an email request.

Jan has a web site that is in both English and Dutch. He can frequently be found on the Barstockengines discussion group and he has many more videos that you can watch.

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    • Pete, Jan reads/writes very good English and he will send you whatever plans you would like. Just go to his web site, look at his designs and then send an email request to:

      If you need a recommendation or any other kind of help then try asking the Barstockengines group. They don’t usually have a lot of message traffic but there are some good folks there who will try to help you.

      I only have plans for a couple of Jan’s Stirling engines.

  1. Ik gebruik een vertaler, sorry voor de fouten.
    Ik bewonder je werk.
    Ik wil graag deze hobby te beginnen.
    Hier in Brazilië is er niets van dat alles.
    Hoe kan een ontwerp van een eenvoudig model van flammenfresser?
    Dank u voor uw aandacht.

    I am using a translator, sorry for the failures.
    I admire your work.
    I would like to start this hobby.
    Here in Brazil there is nothing like that.
    How can one design a simple model of flammenfresser?
    Thank you for your attention.

  2. Dear Jan
    I am lecturer Mechanical here at KFUPM university saudia arabia.
    Your four stroke engine ignition modal is excellant . Can you help me. how to design. I want to introduce to our students

  3. Hello. I am a Machine Technology instructor for a High School Tech. Center. I would appreciate a set of plans for a basic Flame Eater Engine. Something beginner students could work on and have fun with. Thanks


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