Digital Machinist CNC Workshop – June 22-25 in Ann Arbor, MI

I just found out about an inexpensive CNC Workshop for hobbyists that is going to be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan from June 22 to 25, 2010.  I’d really like to go because I recently acquired a CNC mini-mill, which I haven’t learned how to use yet because it’s either been buried by building supplies for our home remodeling project or it’s just been too cold to spend time in my garage.  The workshop has some great topics, very inexpensive lodging is available if don’t mind staying in a college dorm room and the workshop only costs $150, which includes a BBQ on Friday night. (You can save $25 if you hurry and register by March 15th)

Unfortunately, it’s about 400 miles from my home in Rochester,  New York, and I’ve already made two long trips to home machinist shows this year (Cabin Fever & N.E.M.E.S).  I don’t know if I want to make another long drive by myself.  So I’m looking for someone who might want to go at least part of way with me.

The workshop is sponsored by Digital Machinist magazine.  Here’s a list of the seminars, with more expected to be added later:

  • Adventures in Homeshop CNC
  • Basic Multi-tool Operation in Mach3
  • CAD and CAM Alternatives: From Free to You Probably Can’t Afford It
  • Cheap and Easy CNC
  • CNC for Model Making
  • Decorative Design and CNC Machining
  • EMC Labs
  • Emergency Stop Circuits, Mains Disconnect, Motor Contactors, and Fusing
  • Getting Started in CNC
  • Grounding, Shielding, and Isolation – Safety and Noise Issues
  • Hands-on CAM Workshop
  • How Things Move
  • Machine Tool Manufacturing in China
  • My Quest for an Inexpensive Desktop CNC Tool Changer
  • Reverse Engineering with a CNC Scanner
  • Spindle, Servo, and Stepper Motors – Their Properties and How They Work
  • What Makes a Machine CNC Ready¬Ě
  • Wiring a Low-cost Electrical Enclosure
  • Writing Mach3 Wizards

There will also be vendors there.

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    • Yes, I’m all signed up for this year. I wanted to go last year but I couldn’t get the time off. Are you going? Did you go last year? – Rob


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