Professor McCabe’s Free Plans

Professor McCabe's Pin Vise

Professor Nial McCabe teaches Engineering Technology at the County College of Morris in Randolph, NJ.  He has a web site with a large collection of engine plans that can be powered by compressed air or steam, plus a few other projects like the pin vise in the picture

The engines are not fancy and I don’t think they are intended to be.  They are easy-to-build proven designs for teaching students basic machining skills.  The McCabe Runner, his most popular design, looks a little crude, but the design of the valve appears to be easier to build and more tolerant of mistakes than some engines I’ve seen, such as oscillating engines that use small valve holes which need to be precisely located for them to run well.

3 thoughts on “Professor McCabe’s Free Plans”

  1. I’ve got a dumb question. What is a pin vise like this one used for? I like making tools for the shop, and this one looks like it can be made pretty quickly, but I don’t know what I would use it for.

  2. hi, i did see the plans of your ball turning toolpost with 2 heads, if i’, insterested may i teel whow much it costs.
    Best Regards Jose Velez


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