Jan Ridders’ Flame Eater “Marc”

Flame eater Marc.wmv

Jan Ridders recently updated his plans for a vertical flame eater engine that he originally made in 2003 as a birthday present for his son Marc.  He made a number of improvements and redrew the plans using a CAD program.  Jan says this engine is “more forceful and noisy” than his Stirling engine models.

This is just one of about two dozen beautiful engines Jan has designed.  You can see them all by visiting his web site, which is in both English and Dutch (look for the buttons to change the language).   Jan gives his plans away for free, although he will accept a donation if you’d like to make one.  You just have to send him an email telling him which plans you would like.  You can contact him via his web site.

4 thoughts on “Jan Ridders’ Flame Eater “Marc””

  1. I am very interested to have some of my 1st year engineering students make ane of these engines.
    I will be very greatful for a copy of the plans

    Thank You

  2. John,

    Jan Ridders would be happy to send you a copy of plans. You just have to send him an email telling him which plan(s) you want. His web site is a little difficult to navigate but you’ll find a way to contact him there.

    BTW, his plans are very well drawn with helpful notes. But they are metric. I’m in the US but I haven’t found that to be a problem because it doesn’t usually matter to me what size I have to make a part. You just have to substitute appropriate US/English size fasteners and threads.


  3. The G-sons seen your videos and are facinated
    I got them a mini lathe now the need plans
    their 14 & 15

    any plans for the Flame Eater “MARC” and any others would be
    Thank You

  4. Randy,

    Getting plans is easy. Just going to Jan Ridders web site find the link to contact him or send him an email and just ask for whatever plans you want. Jan’s a great guy and very generous with both plans and advice.


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