Plans: HMEM’s EZ Build Engine

You won’t need a mill to make this nice looking steam engine that was designed to be an easy-to-make project to teach basic machining skills to beginners.   The free plans come in both US and metric versions and they include 24 pages of helpful instructions.

It was designed by members of the Home Model Engine Machinist (HMEM) forum, led by “black85vette,” who proposed designing a very basic and easy-to-build engine that could be built by someone without a lot of experience or tooling. … Read the rest

Free Plans: Zero Fog Mister

These are Karl Townsend’s plans and construction notes for a zero fog mister.  Even though they’ve been floating around the net since at least 2002 they aren’t that easy to find and I’ve heard it works really well.  So I asked Karl for permission to republish them here.  He says the original is still in use and he thinks at least one hundred people have made one. Read the rest