A couple of “micro” Stirlings

This is Jan Ridders’ newest Stirling engine.  It’s so small it uses a 1 Euro coin for the flywheel and a couple of 5 Euro cent pieces for the top and bottom plates of the displacer cylinder.   Jan will tell you that he got the idea for building a micro- engine from a Swiss artist who goes by the name “jovallmen” on YouTube.  His engine uses a couple of Swiss 5 centime coins and it may be even smaller than Jan’s.  You can see a video of it here.

As usual, you can get a set of free CAD drawings for this engine by visiting Jan’s web site and requesting a copy.

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  1. [I asked Jan if I could pass this along]

    From: Jan Ridders
    Subject: [barstockengines] Improved Micro Stirling 1-Euro-20 cent
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Thursday, December 2, 2010, 4:30 AM

    Hi all interested.

    After finishing an engine I often have the feeling that some things could have been made different/better; maybe you recognize that.

    This was also the case with my “1-Euro-10cent” Micro Stirling that I recently made. Because this is a very small project I could not resist the instigation (?) to make a second version that is about 15% smaller and somewhat more “straight”. I now used two 20 cent Euro coins instead of 10 cent coins. Strangely enough the 20 cent coins are somewhat smaller than the 10 cent coins. I made a new page about this new version on my web site; page:


    There you can read about the other changes with pictures and the video:


    As usually I have a new drawing plan available for everyone interested.

    Friendly greetings from Holland,
    Jan Ridders


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