I’ve had an itch to spend more time in my workshop

Yes, I know.  I haven’t added much new material to MachinistBlog.com lately.  If it weren’t for Mike and Nate this web site would be as stale as 3-week old bread.  The reason is that I’ve had a strong itch to spend as much time as I can in my workshop before I get busy with getting our yard, gardens and house ready for winter. … Read the rest

A Table for vertical cutting on the Jet 5X6 Band Saw

This is another excellent article by Mikey, a frequent contributor to MachinistBlog.com and winner of our “Machining Metal as a Hobby” contest.

The Jet HVBS-56M, like most of its brethren, lacks a suitable table for vertical cutting.  The OEM table is, in my opinion, unsafe for use in the hobby machine shop because of its extreme flexibility.… Read the rest

A Chip Brush for the Jet 5X6 Bandsaw

Pic 1This article was written by “Mikey” and it first appeared on the Yahoo 4x6Bandsaw discussion group.   I think it is a great idea and well presented so I asked him if I could republish it here and he graciously agreed.  It originally appeared as a PDF file that is formatted better and has larger pictures that you can download hereRead the rest

Good Deal: Starrett Heavy Duty Hacksaw Frame

Starrett Hacksaw Blade FrameHave you heard of the Armstrong Method?  It is what you’re using when you cut metal stock to length with a hacksaw.  It’s the method that I’m stuck with because I don’t have room for a 4×6 bandsaw and even if I did I couldn’t justify the cost.

I’ve managed to break at least a couple of inexpensive hacksaw frames. … Read the rest