is 2 years old

January 6th was the second anniversary of  I’m not usually one to brag but I am proud of this achievement.  Almost everyone who starts a blog quits within a few months, or even a few days, after they find out how much work it is to keep creating content for one. … Read the rest

I’ve had an itch to spend more time in my workshop

Yes, I know.  I haven’t added much new material to lately.  If it weren’t for Mike and Nate this web site would be as stale as 3-week old bread.  The reason is that I’ve had a strong itch to spend as much time as I can in my workshop before I get busy with getting our yard, gardens and house ready for winter. … Read the rest

Denmark to become the fourth nation to launch a man into space? is pleased to announce our support for Copenhagen Suborbitals, a small non-profit suborbital space endeavor led by two guys with big brass ones.  If they are successful Denmark will become the world’s fourth nation to launch a man into space, after Russia, the United States and China.  In addition to wishing them well we have donated $10 to help their efforts 🙂

Seriously, I think what Kristian von Bengtson, Peter Madsen and their small group has accomplished is pretty impressive, especially on a budget that is considerably less than $100,000.… Read the rest