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HF POIs on a Garmin Nuvi 60Have you always wanted to visit a Harbor Freight store but don’t have one near your home?  This “Points of Interest” (POI) file contains 274 store locations and can be uploaded to Garmin, Tom-Tom and some other GPS units.  Then while you’re traveling you’ll know if you are right around the corner from one.  While I’m on the road I often like to visit stores and restaurants I’ve heard about but don’t have anywhere near my home.

My wife and I just spent two weeks driving around the American Southwest.  I thought it might be a good idea to take a GPS with us so I purchased a factory refurbished Garmin Nüvi 660 which we have been very pleased with.  Of course I didn’t find out about POI-factory.com and POIs until after the trip.  They have hundreds of free POI files that can be downloaded and easily installed on the Nüvi and other brands.  Take a look and I bet you’ll find some that you’d want to install on your GPS.

The website has instructions and help with installing them.  .  The first step was to install the free Garmin POI loader on my PC.  It takes the POI files and converts them to the proper format and uploads them to the GPS.  Then I just had to download the POI files I wanted and put them in a folder (you’ll have to register first but it’s quick and easy), connect my GPS to my computer with cable it came with, and start the POI loader.  It will ask a few simple questions, like the location of the folder is with the POI files, and then load them on the Nüvi in less than a minute.

Now you know why I haven’t added much to the blog in the last month.  We were on vacation for two weeks, the week before we left I ran around like an idiot getting ready for the trip and in the week since our return I’ve been working like crazy trying to get caught up with yard work and some other chores around the house.  I’m hoping I might be able to find some time to spend in my workshop tomorrow.

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  1. I have been a Harbor Freight Customer for over 20 years. The return/exchange policy is great. Example, After a year of use I runined a set of jaws on my big mills HF vice . Called HF, they said they will send a new set, no questions asked. After two months I got 4 sets of jaws at no cost!

    Recently I bought a pressure washer (on sale for $150.00) & the extended warenty. Upon opening it I find that the nozzles were missing. Brought it back to the store, they did not have any more of that model so they give me the next model up. The cost of the replacement was $299.00 but no charge to me.

    Several years ago I owned a Balsawood company in California. I used many of HF wood working machines. True, not the best, but I could not afford expensive brand names. In any event, if and when I had a problem, HF replaced with no questions.

    True they may not treat employees well, but in todays high unempolyment the HF employees should be grateful they have a job, any job. I have always been treated very nice.

    Don’t buy drill bits, files, sand paper, lathe turning tools, and the Dremmel tool look alite.

    I have or had the Big red lathe, mini lathe, floor drill press, small horiz/vert band saw, many battery powered tools, and have had little if any problems.

    Buy it, try it, and if you don’t like it bring it back. The cost justifys it.

    I am retired and have NO connection with HF.


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