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Comment on Rear-mounted Parting Tool Holder for Sherline Lathe by Mikey Thu, 21 May 2020 07:16:25 +0000 Are you referring to the ledge? If so, yes, it prevents the tool from turning under load. It also automatically puts the blade perpendicular to the work piece. Since the blade tip is also aligned with the centerline of the lathe, all you have to do is lock the blade in place and you can start cutting.

If you own a Sherline lathe, this is one of the most useful tools you will own.

Comment on Rear-mounted Parting Tool Holder for Sherline Lathe by Joe Comunale Tue, 19 May 2020 23:11:12 +0000 Thanks for the post and the sketch. What is the purpose of the outrigger on the bottom? Does it keep the tool locked into alignment with the workpiece (i.e.-keep the tool post from rotating/turning) ?

Comment on Honest – all I ever wanted to do was make some stuff … by Mikey Tue, 12 May 2020 18:07:42 +0000 Very cool story, GeoD. Sounds like you’re now an accomplished Sherline guy and have found out how capable a machine it is. Come on over the HM if you can. Its a good site.

Comment on Honest – all I ever wanted to do was make some stuff … by George Dennison Tue, 12 May 2020 00:39:25 +0000 I stumbled upon this blog while looking for info about something related to machining, (I think). A post about stepper motors caught my eye.

I, too, have a Sherline lathe. I didn’t set out to be a Sherline owner, didn’t even intend to buy one when I did. I’ve been repairing cars since 12, fixing anything and everything, since, and have the kind of extensively outfitted fab shop you can only have after 50+ years.

I have always wanted to be able to ‘machine’ stuff, with a real lathe &/or mill, not substitutiing with anything from a hammer and chisel to saws/drill presses/router table, (I built a 6061 T-6 T-slot table for a metal saw I built using a router table. Once you figure out shimming for accuracy, the rest is ‘cake’… well, campfire jiffy cake, anyway.

I was casually looking for a lathe or mill, and buying tooling and metrology tools, etc in the process, (great deals, only), knowing that’s were the true expense is. Then, I saw a CL post for 30-40 pounds of end mills $35.00.

I about broke my ankle/neck/body getting the seller on the phone, getting dressed and & out the door, all at the same time.

He had 30-40 pounds, alright, the smallest was 0.500 roughing mill, the largest was 1″; 30-40% were brand new, and only ONE was chowdered but salvageable, with a regrind.

I told him they were way more, but he insisted on 35.00, saying they were his deceased father’s, and held no interest/value to him. So, when he asked if I was interested in a lathe, he had my attention, (I thought I could make it up to him on a big purchase, for stealing these end mills.)

He said he’d be right back, and I thought he went for keys to a shop, or shoes… When he came back with this toy lathe, in his hand, down by his knee, I thought he was joking. I would have bet money it was a toy.

He said he wanted 50.00, for it, so I took the opportunity to give him the 50.00, knowing if the toy had no value, I was still waaay ahead on end mills.

That began my education on Sherline.

Fast foreward 8-9 years, and I have been using the Sherline for almost a year. I went the custom route for motor, (missing when bought), installation, and set up. I spent three months watching YouTube vids while bedridden two winter ago, watching Sherline based vids, to bcbloc, whose day job is growing corn for whiskey, and passion/goal is to have the largest lathes/mills/radial drill presses a ‘home shop’ has EVER had, (the last time I checked, his newest lathe was still on the semi flat bed he brought it home on, It is a beautiful art deco Monarch, with just enough room left on 40′ trailer for a couple of tooling cabinets! I’m talking BIG iron.

The common thread between all of them was rigidity, and adequate power. I heard a lot of horror stories about not being able to part on a Sherline, or turn steel, or even use carbide inserts, on a Sherline.

Most Sherline vids are voice overs because the OEM Sherline sounds like a worn out sewing machine, at full speed, and that’s without it actively turning anything.

I took on Sherline rigidity, and short of physical size, and depth of cut, I can do anything on the Sherline, that can be done on a full size lathe.

I have solved the rigidity issue, have plenty of power and can part anything, (using strips of old carbide Skil saw blades as the tooling, yet). I use almost exclusively carbide inserts or brazed carbide. I haven’t found much use, yet, for the 10# pounds of HSS cutters I picked up, cheap.

I am considering putting the parting tool I designed in the market, and fully intend to put the ER32 spindle upgrade on the market when I get the bugs worked out. The next component I’m taking on is an adjustable tailstock, so for turning tapers and leaving the headstock anchored in place.

I saw your note to someone about spending most of your time on the machinist site, (blanking on name), but will try to catch up with you, there, to talk Sherline, machining and fixing stuff, (I STILL fix everything, after 50 years.)


Comment on My Opinion About Harbor Freight’s Inside Track Club by Dave ti deplorable Mon, 24 Feb 2020 15:52:37 +0000 The advantage of ITC is that they are counter-cycle to the super coupons. Sure, if you wait, the 20% off will nearly equal ITC savings. The big advantage to ITC is that you can buy more than one item on the sale coupon, and a 20% off will not work for that. I am just now gonna renew because their best heavy duty caster for the money is on sale, and I am gonna get the savings for it right now.

You also get an entire month to score prices that are sometimes only seen at 3 day sales…