I’ve created a new web site called that has the best videos we can find about machining, CNC, welding and metal fabrication (and model engineering and gunsmithing).  It was an impulsive act and I honestly don’t know how I found the time to do it because this has been one of the busiest summers I’ve ever experienced.  It’s pretty easy to create a web site with WordPress and that helped.  And adding new content to it is about as hard as watching TV.  I just have to look for good videos on YouTube and Vimeo and then write a short description when I find one.  It’s something I can do at the end of the day when I’m too tired to do almost anything else but go to bed (like I should).  JamesS, a contributor to MachinistBlog, has also been helping  me and my wife says she will too.  So I don’t think the new site will take too much of my time away from working on this web site or in my workshop.

Feedback & Links Please

The new site is not fancy looking because I’ve been concentrating on regularly posting new videos to it.  I would appreciate any suggestion you can give me to improve it aesthetics and especially its usability.  I’m not only trying to become a better machinist but also a better web designer.  I’ve found that I’m very good at critiquing other people’s web sites but I’m nearly blind when I look at my own.  So please don’t be afraid to speak up. is also almost completely invisible to the world because no one is linking to it yet.  So I would really appreciate a link from your web site if you think it’s worth one.

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