Good Web Site: Start Model Engineering

Start Model Engineering is a very impressive web site about model engineering.

The site’s author, John Somers, didn’t buy his first mini-lathe and build his first steam engine until about two years ago.  But if you look at the 15 or so engines he’s made since then you’ll see that he has become a productive and skilled machinist.  He has also managed to create a very professional looking and well-organized web site that beginning model makers will find very helpful.

Right now he’s featuring an excellent tutorial that shows how to make a brass mini-torch, or what us Yanks call a flashlight.  You’ll also find a variety of other projects with step-by-step instructions, including a number of small steam engines.

I’m also pleased to see that John “Bogstandard” Moore is contributing to the web site because he is one of my heroes.  “Bogs” is both a skilled machinist and a gifted teacher who goes out of his way to help new machinists.  He has a real gift for explaining difficult procedures so that almost anyone can understand them.  He also understands that not everyone has an unlimited budget, so he tries to suggest cheaper alternatives to things when he can.   I think you might also enjoy his sense of humor.  I suggest keeping an eye on this web site.

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  • Ruaidhrí Murphy
    November 25, 2010 at 7:00 AM | Reply

    Just a quick thank you for taking the time and trouble to look out for us new comers
    Btw the name is pronounced Rory 🙂

    R (Dublin)

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